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oNe hUnDreD tImE

호주에 있을 때 만났던 분이 한국에 놀러오셨다.
와우!  이렇게 인연이 이어지는구나~

만 났 다. 
그런데, 문제는! 안 들 린 다!!!
4년만에 들어보는 호주 발음. 왜 안들리는 것이냐...
영어라서 안 들리는 것이냐, 아니면 호주 발음이 갑자기 적응이 안되는 것이냐...
문제에 봉착했다.

그저 웃었다. 씨~익 웃으면서 고개를 끄덕일 뿐이다. ㅠ.ㅠ

두 번째 만났다.
아.. 한 번 만나고 나니 조금은 귀가 마음문을 열어줬나?
조금 들린다. 아주 조금.

이 "조금" 이란게 참 마음이 아푸다.

너무 충격먹어서...
Listening이 너무 절실해서...
지금은 하루종일 영화를 듣고 있다. 보는 게 아니라 듣고 있다.

정말 꾸준히 귀를 트여줘야하고 입을 열어줘야 함을 절실하게 새삼 느끼고 있다.

Listening의 필요성을 고민하는 나에게, 지인으로부터의 강력한 추천!    
"좋아하는 영화 100번만 봐라!!!!"

그래서 선택한 영화 두 편!
내가 너무나 좋아하는 에니메이션 <인크레더블> & <악마는 프라다를 입는다>


< The Incredibles >
나의 완전 favorite 에니메이션!
친구와 이 영화보면서 끄억끄억 넘어갔던 기억이 있다.
다시봐도 질리지 않는  코믹 영화!!!

물론 메인 캐릭터들도 재미있지만
특히 나는 막내 애기 "잭잭"과 의상 디자이너 "에드나 모드"를 완전 좋아라한다.^0^
영화를 본 사람이라면 왜 좋아하는지 이유를 알 것이다. ㅋㅋ

< The Devil Wears Prada >
대사가 다른 영화에 비해 많이 어렵지 않은 영화.
스토리도 재미있을 뿐더러 명품을 보는 재미도 함께 즐길 수 있는 영화!!
무엇보다 OST가 완전 맘에 드는 영화이다.

메릴 스트립의 긴장할 수 밖에 없는 보스의 연기가 매력적이다.

I would go to church when I was in Brisbane, Australia.
It was located right in front of my place that's way I chose that church. And I found out I was lucky
cause I met nice people there. I was often invited for dinner or bible studying group.
Even though my english was not quite good, I enjoyed time that we had.

Anyway there was a pastor who was really kind to me and took me to the airport when I left Brisbane.
We were keeping in touch by email.
Finally, he visited Korea! (to see his daughter teaching English in Korea at the moment, not me, of course ^^)

It's been 4 yrs since I was in Brisbane. How great to see him in Korea, not Australia!
But when we met, there was a problem that I hardly understand what he was saying.
Oh, my ears! Please let me hear!! ㅜ.ㅜ

Actually, I'm listening Japanese, not Engish in these days. Because I'm into Japan language lately.
I just watch and listen Japan dramas, movies or TV show programs.
I figure out that's the problem. The problem is that I neglect My English. ㅠ.ㅠ

I was worrying about how I could improve my English, especially listening.
Then one of my colleagues strongly recommeded that I should watch my favorite movie 100 times!!!!
Just watch it over and over again until I not only can understand but also speak out its sentences at the same speed with the characters. I do not think it's gonna be easy, but I just wanna give it a try!

Here are two movies for watching or listening over 100 times.

< The Incredibles >
It's about a Super hero family. Each member has it's own super power. And they meet some dangers...
I love this animation. The whole story is lovely and so hilarious!!

< The Devil Wears Prada >
It's about one young lady's work life. Also we can enjoy luxury goods through the movie.
This movie makes me think of many things about my life and what I really wanna do.
I just hope my determination to watch the movies over 100 times goes for a long time! Not quit shortly.
Go for it!

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    의상 디자이너와 같은 유머를 갖고 싶어했었죠......;;;

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    i also love the devil wears prada because it stars anne hathaway. basicaly, some companies have the same bosses like meryll streep. What matters is how you maintain your personality while working with them. the incredibles is soo funny. i love the baby~~~